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Temporary Protection for war-fleeing Ukrainians

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

European countries have been welcoming war-fleeing Ukrainians in the past month, with more 8,000 arriving in Cyprus. The Republic of Cyprus, is complying fully with the 4th of March EU Directive, introducing Temporary Protection for Ukrainian nationals and their families residing in Ukraine and have been displaced as a result of the military invasion by the Russian armed forces. The duration of the Temporary Protection should be for an initial period of one year, however that period should be extended automatically by six monthly periods for a maximum of one year.

As Ukrainian nationals are visa free nationals, they have the right to move freely within the EU, after being admitted into the territory for a 90-day period, thus being able to choose the Member State in which they prefer to enjoy the rights attached to the Temporary Protection.

It has been reported that about 700 Ukrainian refugees have applied for Temporary Protection to the Department of Immigration until today, and the process is really quick, with residence cards being issued within a few days.

Temporary Protection allows them to have access to a wide range of rights:

· Access to general education system

· Right to the recognition of foreign educational certificates, diplomas, degrees.

· Access to health care services

· Right to engage in employed or self-employed professional activities

How we can help:

· Advice and assistance on your application for Temporary Protection.

· Assistance with bank account opening.

· Assistance with housing needs.

· Assistance with Residence Permit application.

This article is written for information purposes only and it does not constitute legal advice.

For further information, legal advice and assistance please contact us at or call us at +357 25-252282.

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