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Opening a Bank Account in Cyprus

The process for opening a personal or a business bank account in Cyprus has nowadays become very demanding and complicated.

We are here to assist with the process.

Documents required for:


· Passport Copy (apostilled if client is from abroad);

· Recent Utility bill not older than three months old

· Bank Reference Letter not older than three months old

· CV

· Information regarding the annual income tax of the client

· Information regarding the source/value of wealth of the client


· Full set of Company’s up to date, corporate documents

· Recent certificate of Incumbency

· Recent certificate/ letter of Good standing

· Corporate/ legal structure of the company leading up to the UBO

· Recent annual audited Financial Statements or Management Accounts

· Information regarding source of funds

· Bank Reference Letter not older than three months

(all documents included in the personal bank account list for the UBOs, Shareholders, Directors, Secretary and other Signatories)

How can we help:

1. Assistance with opening a bank account in Cyprus

2. Advise on required documents

3. Company formation with a bank account

This article is written for information purposes only and it does not constitute legal advice.

For further information, legal advice and assistance please contact us at

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