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yprus is an island located in a strategic and pivotal geographical location between three continent zones, acting as a gateway to Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia an has been historically a trade centre and an excellent international hub. Cyprus has become increasingly popular among investors and here are 4, out of many reasons, why. 1. Strategic location Due to its important location (right on the crossroad of Europe, Asia and Africa), Cyprus developed a long history for international trade and commerce, and today it serves as a hub for a variety of sectors such us shipping, tourism, finance and others. 2. Favourable Legislative Framework Its comprehensive regulatory framework driven from the English Common Law principles, that are efficient, reliable, and effective. It also ensures the transparency and trustworthiness in all business procedures. 3. Attractive tax system Cyprus has designed an attractive tax system focused on the encouragement for businesses that would like to invest in the island. Attractive corporate taxes (one of the lowest in Europe), numerous double tax treaties with other countries, tax reliefs for foreign individuals who would like to work in Cyprus and tax benefits for companies that would invest in R&D (Research & Development), reduce significantly the tax burden for companies doing their business internationally.

4. Skilled workforce and strong professional sector Last but not least, Cyprus has a highly skilled, educated and diverse workforce which is well educated and able to address the needs of all business needs. With a strong professional sector providing a variety of services to the business, such as legal, tax, management, consulting and accounting, new businesses can use Cyprus as their headquarters, to manage their operations internationally. Overall, Cyprus attractiveness over its tax system, favourable legislation, infrastructure, stability and safety, strategic location and skilled workforce makes Cyprus an ideal destination for businesses who wish to establish a presence in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

This article is written for information purposes only and it does not constitute legal advice. For further information, legal advice, company incorporation and assistance please contact us at or call us at +357 25-252282.

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